Literary text in efl classroom essay

Literary text in efl classroom essay, Literature / in the efl class: the well defended argument that using literary texts just for ‘exploring classroom texts classroom texts and activities.

Approaches to teaching efl writing writing as a product the first approach to teaching writing, which has been known as traditional approach, is product approach, which focuses on the final product, the coherent and the error-free text (nunan, 1999)this approach has been practiced widely since the 1950s well into 1970s. Language, linguistic, meaning, context - literary text in efl classroom. This book examines how literary texts can be incorporated into teaching practices in an efl classroom it takes a multi-faceted approach to how english language teaching and learning can best be developed through presentation and exploration of literary texts. Literature in a language classroom provides enough space for the learners to comment, justify and mirror themselves by using literary text the language class can turn out to be lively and motivating.

2 literary texts as authentic materials for 11 teaching english novels in the efl classroom 167 14 literary reading circles and short essay activities for.

  • Help students organize and support their ideas in writing the literary essay, one required text in literature courses pedagogical recommendations are made for efl contexts introduction studies have reported that efl students’ writing is weak in organization (al-khairy, 2013 seidlhofer, 2005 among others.
  • Thus, integrating reading literary texts in the efl writing classroom can help learners develop their writing skills 442 planning the writing essays.

Classroom work with literary works may involve pre-reading tasks, interactive work on the text and follow up activities pulverness (2003) provides some useful advice: maximise pre-reading support teachers can introduce the topic or theme of the text, pre-teach essential vocabulary items and use prediction tasks to arouse the interest and.

Literary text in efl classroom essay
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